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Body Piercing & Jewelry

True to the Game Tattoos provides a safe, sterile, and comfortable piercing environment. Our piercers are certified through the Florida Department of Health in Infection Control training. Whether it's a basic earlobe piercing or an advanced genital piercing, our staff is equipped to meet all of your piercing needs.


Piercing & Body Modifications


  • Large & Small Gauge Initial Piercing

  • Advanced Ear Projects

  • Male and Female Genital Piercing

  • Microdermals



Equipment for Piercing is sterilized through the use of an Autoclave which uses heat, steam and pressure to sterilize. Our autoclaves are spore tested and monitored. All needles are single use.






We perform piercings on minors ages 13-14 ears/nose only, ages 15-17 ears, nose, navel, dermal, eyebrow, Marilyn, lip/labret and tongue only) with parental consent. NO genital or nipple piercings will be done regardless of consent. We reserve the right to refuse any piercings that are considered high risk.


Parental consent consists of the following information/paperwork:

    - A custodial parent/guardian's presence
    -Government issued ID for parent/guardian AND minor
    - Minor's official birth certificate (if lasts names on ID do not match)
    - Notarized consent form
Legal guardians can only consent to piercing if they possess legal documentation of their right to make cosmetic decisions on behalf of the minor. Power of Attorney for medical procedures does not constitute sufficient authority.

Minor Piercing Policy
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